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Many of you know, to put off fire, you must use extinguisher or water.


Fire extinguisher easily depleted and expensive, while water is very bad for oil related fire. (never put off oil related fire by water, it will spread even further !!)

Use FIRE BLANKET, for ALL HEAT related environments, mainly :


1. PUT OFF fire at home such as kitchen or anywhere
2. ESCAPE from FIRE by covering yourself with fire blanket
3. SHIELD yourself against sparks or hot environments
Our Fire Blanket is made under VERY STRICT EUROPEAN STANDARD EN 1869:1997

Certified CE from Beide Product Service Limited, 56 Shrivenham Hundred Business Park, Shrivenham, Swindon, Wiltshire SN6 8TY, England for the EN 1869:1997 Standard.


It able to resist temperature up to : 550 Degree Celcius

We have Two Sizes :


1. Size 1.2m x 1.2m
Suitable to cover objects like grills, burner, incense burner, etc.

2. Size 1.8m x 1.8m

Suitable to cover human size when escaping fire


This Fire Blanket is REUSABLE. Means NO EXPIRY DATE. After you take off from the plastic bag, and use on fire, you can reuse for next time (even it’s turned black), as far as it’s not damage to a hole…


Genuine Product – Beware Fakes

Beware of FAKE and IMITATIONS. Many tries to replicate our products in terms of looks, but never in terms of quality. Insist on genuine product by look at the “Fort Digital” HOLOGRAM LABEL at your product’s packaging/device.
























See below video how a FIRE BLANKET works better than extinguisher :


See below video how to use FIRE BLANKET :

This High performance fire distinguishing blanket is made of FIBER GLASS. Its high quality will ensure you easily put off an firealt whenever it occurs.

Made of specially treated glass fiber, smooth, soft, with high density and without any irritation to the skin.

It is 0.43mm thick and it is the best protective material for human being or any object, which require protection from high heat.

Furthermore, it can be easily wrapped on any irregular objects. It can be used repeatedly as long as it is not damaged.

When compared with the other kinds of fire distinguishers, you will find that:
A) No invalidity;

B) No pollutions of any kind to the environment after being used;

C) A good insulation material and can withstand a very high temperature.

Since Fire Blanket is a kind of very soft fire distinguishing device. At the very beginning of a fire accident, it can be used to insulate the fire from oxygen, thus controlling the fire.

Order Online Today and Delivered Next Day... 


In addition, it can be used as a protective device when people escaping from the fire. What he/she need to do is to wrap his/her body with the blanket. Thanks to its special feature of fire- and temperature-resistance, it can protect the people very well during their escape from the fire.

It is also suitable to be used when welding or cutting something at a very high temperature at the site of a shopping mall, super market, hotel or public facilities.

It can be used to reduce sparks caused by the said welding or cutting processes or used to separate any combustible or explosive material from the sparks so as to prevent a fire accident.

The product can be easily carried; quickly used, environmentally friendly and without any pollution, the best choice for fire prevention, to put off a fire as well as for any emergency.



Fort Digital Pte Ltd does not responsible for any results arises from the usage of this product or product failure to perform as per its functions. Fort Digital does not responsible for any loss or injury of life, assets, data, or anything derived from usage of this device. Please use at own risk. Do not rely solely this product for your security or fire related protection. This product made from Fiber Glass materials that might cause allergy or itchiness for some, please use with cautions. Do not use outside its intended purpose.


This is not electrical products, therefore, no warranty is required. However, if your product’s size is given wrongly during delivery or notable defects such as hole / burn marks / stains, please feel free to change FOC at our office/warehouse 7 days after delivery. No exchange after used on fire. 

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Order Online Today and Delivered Next Day...