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What is Kingii?
A Life Saving Inflatable… packed into wearable small device that kids or adult can wear on their arm and inflate them when in distress to bring them up to the surface like a lifebuoy.

This is Not One Time Use Device, it’s REUSABLE over and over again.
Save your own life and your loved one that cost less than your family dinner.  
“…..CRAMP, OUT OF BREATH, STRONG CURRENT….can happen to anybody while in the water. This device act like a BUOY to help you float to the surface and save your life….” 
How Bad is Drowning Statistic in Singapore and Worldwide?
Very bad. In Singapore alone, there are 104 cases involve children between 2011-2015. Ten of these children died and two suffered irreversible brain damage. 70% happens in condo pools. 
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Worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) drowning has been an overlooked cause of death with 372,000 people drowning every year. The WHO has named drowning “A leading killer“ and has requested that the government and research teams take action to prevent drowning.
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Beware of Fake Products and Accessories
Fort Digital is Official Distributor of Kingii Wearable. Purchase only from authorized agent to get genuine product and accessories.
It’s not Highly NOT Recommended to buy Kingii outside Singapore and ship in by air because :
  • Your goods definitely stuck at customs as inside contain CO2 Cartridges (If you travel with it and carry documents, it’s allowed, see FAQ below), but you can't ship in by Air.
  • You have to pay GST at customs
  • Might not be original or new sets, for safety products don’t take risk
  • Takes weeks to reach you
  • Very expensive shipping fee
  • Terrible Exchange Rates
Do Not Jeopardize Your Safety For Something Cheap !!!
This is Fake Kingii Ripped Off from China :
This is Original Kingii from California, USA :


Kingii - The New Standard in Water Safety



Kingii Unboxing & Tutorial



Kingii Test

Frequently Asked Questions :

Is the Kingii wearable reusable?
The Kingii is reuseable as many times as needed. Just take out the used Kingii Cylinder, fold the bag back into it’s pouch, screw in the new Kingii CO2 Cylinder and you are ready to get back to the beach, lake, river, pool, or favorite fishing hole!

How many cylinders do I get with the Kingii wearable?
Each Kingii wearable purchased comes with two Kingii CO2 Cylinders. Additional Kingii CO2 Cylinders are available for purchase.

How much does the Kingii wearable weigh?
The Kingii wearable is small but packs a big punch!  At just 4.9 ounces, the Kingii can be worn without interfering with your favorite water activity.

Does the Kingii wearable come in different sizes?
Currently, the Kingii is available in a “One size fits most“ version. The wristband can be adjusted easily.

Which activities is the Kingii wearable most suited for?
The Kingii was designed to be suitable for any kind of water sport. Whether it be swimming, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, or stand up paddling, the Kingii is the perfect companion for you!

Can I take Kingii with me on an airplane?
The Kingii Wearable contains a Cartridge with 12 grams of pressurized, non-flammable CO2 gas. In air travel it is regarded as hazardous material.

However, based on a ruling of the IATA, the international trade association of the world‘s airlines, you are allowed to carry four such cartridges with you on an airplane in carry-on and checked luggage with approval of the aircraft operator (Table 2.3A, Subsection 2.3 from the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation).

Since not all of the ground personnel may be aware of these official regulations, we recommend that you download and print this document  and take it with you on your journey.

Is Kingii a Personal Flotation Device? Can it replace a life-vest?
Kingii is not a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and cannot replace a life-vest, but it is a recreational water-device. We recommend wearing Kingii as an additional backup device together with an authorized PFD.

Is there a weight limitation for using the Kingii?
The Kingii Wearable is tested and proven to provide buoyancy to an adult in excess of 130 kg.

Can I use any other type of CO2 cylinder with my Kingii wearable?
For your own safety we do not recommend to use different CO2 Cylinder as the performance of the Kingii may suffer due to loss of pressure or similar.
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Cautions & Disclaimer
Although Kingii can save lifes, it’s not 100% proof device, in fact there is no such thing as 100%. Anything can happen and anything can fail in different situations. You can’t rely and depends solely on this device for your safety or your children’s safety. Adult supervision still required.
Kingii can provide additional buoyancy, but it cannot eliminate the risk of drowning. It is not a total life-saving device. For example, Kingii requires the wearer to pull the lever, which may not be possible if the wearer loses consciousness or if the wearer panics. To reduce the risk of drowning, we recommend wearing a life vest.
Kingii is not a personal flotation device and it cannot replace a life vest. Instead, Kingii is a recreational water device that may provide additional buoyancy to the water safety equipment that you already have. 
Fort Digital Pte Ltd does not responsible for any results, damage, or loss of life from the usage of this product, partially or fully. Use at own risk. Read and follow manual.